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Aug 9, 2007
We are now on our new server!.. There are a few bits that need fine tuning. The website speed may be slow at peak times until the server has had a chance to cache.

Also there may be the odd database error. Nothing was lost but I didnt get as clean a transfer as I had hoped so will need to have a look at these as they occur. I have email notification set up for the errors so no need to report them.

The garage chucked a bit of a wobbly when it was ported over so im having to rebuild some parts of it.

Current Yearly Subscribers.. For your month free pm me when you get the renewal email and I will update your subscription

Its been quicker than planned as I burnt the midnight oil to get this done so I didnt miss out on the good weather :LOL:

Did you miss us guys??? :LOL:

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Of all the forums I have been on, and there have been quite a few, and of those that have migrated to new servers I have to say, this, has been one of the quickest, and smoothest transitions I have ever seen. Good work guys.
(y)cheers rob kept us well informed and was quick to mate,only problem was when it was off i ihad o do the garden arghhhh:LOL:

I have already said thanks as you know but just wanted to publicly do so as well all your effort has been very much appreciated by all it is so nice having someone when the site throws a wobbly I can call up and get it sorted within minutes most of the time before anyone has noticed a problem.

You will be rewarded mate even if it is from my own pocket for all the super work.

cheers mate I'll see you sooner than you'd like lmao.

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