What I did today!


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May 11, 2008
Seeing as there was a bit of interest in the C2 interior, I decided to take matters in hand. So I contacted the seller haggled a price and this morning at 7.20am I set off down the M6 and M1 toward Bedford. Almost 3 hours and 160miles later I arrived at a reclaimers dept (the C2 was uninsured, unclaimed and so by law must be broken). What a shame another Cougar gone and all because of no insurance!

When I got there the guy said I could take anything from the interior, there were 2 standard C2 hub caps on the n/s floorwell, so sticking to orders I took them as well. There was a brand new petrol can there as well, so I took that too.

The car was still complete, with a jump starter, we got the engine running, its done only 47820 miles, engine was running sweet, so anyone wanting a fair low mileage V6 at a reasonable price watch the item!

So 2.5 hours later I'd stripped a few bits and bobs from the interior, here's what was left:






As I drove away early this afternoon I kept thinking I'd forgotten something, the penny dropped! I never even checked in the glovebox, could have been stuffed full of money or something! To compenate though I also took the o/s headlight as depending on interpretation, it could have been mistook for an internal part! (Sorry m8!).

So phil my old m8, you've gunna need get up a bit earlier, if you want to keep up m8. Lol!!!

I'm knackered, so I'm not starting the refit till tomorrow!


Thats commitment for you guys........Phil will be gutted when he sees this :Yawn::Yawn:

Ste, all being well i will be at your either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on work.......
What a sorry looking state, I hope mine never ends up like that SHOCK!

Was it damaged or just Stolen/recovered? be a good buy if you was gona replace everything including the dials ;) (try driving that away now) ;)
It would have been easier to take the whole car home :LOL: a good buy mate, you are now top of the "to be stabbed" list ;)

p.s. you left your ratchet in the dashboard
It would have been easier to take the whole car home :LOL: a good buy mate, you are now top of the "to be stabbed" list ;)

p.s. you left your ratchet in the dashboard

From looking at that, you really didn't miss much did you Ste :LOL: not many bones left to pick at there. I hope you remembered the socket wrench :confused:
Looks like shagmonkey's cat :LOL:

I already told him Phil :rolleyes::LOL:
I didn't forget the ratchet, I spotted it when I was taking the pic's! From the 1st pic though I've just noticed I left my stereo removal pins on the floor on the o/s, what a bloody waste of a good metal coat hanger! I'm going to have to find another now as I need the pins to get my stereo out so I can fit the C2 panels that go around the heater controls and light switches and I'm certain I've none at all at home now (I was looking for one the other week to use for pulling cables)!

Time to put on my stab vest then eh Phil, but remember I like to get in there 1st (per this thread!). So your gunna need fit a little mirror on your hat so you can see me sneak up from behind!!!!


You did, the passenger side air vent. :nono::LOL::LOL::LOL:

Good find tho'. (y)

100% correct m8, I noticed only this morning that the c1 vents are also grey!!!!!! I was considering using the C2 dial surround and thinking I prefered the smooth finished C1 surround, then the penny dropped about the vent colour (I was stuck in traffic on the M6). On Sunday I did stop to look at the vents and noticed something was different, then I forgot!!!! I was too busy making a sharp exit after I accidently put the C2 headlight in my van!!! Serves me right I suppose, still I will email the guy and ask him to post the vent to me, maybe he's not noticed the car's headlight has vanished! Or maybe he will so dumbfounded by my cheek he will post it anyway! No harm trying but he's not getting the headlight back!


I think the passenger vent is a bit tricky to remove. It might be screwed in from behind or you have to unclip something and then twist. I think there's a how-to somewhere (by shagmonkey???).
You may want to arm him with the procedure before asking him, otherwise he could trash it in fustration. :wink5:
'Holy ****' is what I said when I saw those pics. It must take an amazing level of confidence to do a strip out like that. I worry about taking the wheels off and putting them back on properly lol