A Tribute to Morgasm


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Jun 5, 2006
Hi Peeps :D ,

I thought it might be quite a nice gesture for the club to place a picture profile of Dave within this section as our very own Club tribute to him. The idea is that members can edit in any pictures that they have of Dave so that all members/subscribers old and new can view at any time.

There are probably pictures out there that Kelly and Matt would love to see. :eek: Or maybe not :oops: :LOL:

Im quite happy to manage this thread but just need the members nod :wink:

Please reply with your thoughts via here or pm and i would hope to start this properly at the start of next week giving people enough time to go back through those old pics and see whats viewable :oops:

Cheers Guys/Gals


Right people,

Kelly has very kindly allowed us to place photos's of Dave (AKA Morgasm) into this thread. Can i ask that all members who have old photo's of events/meets etc etc and have photo's of Dave please edit them into this thread please.

I will monitor this thread and tidy it up now and again. Please just put photo's in with any amusing thoughts you have relating to any picture.

Thanks all/Kelly

Lewy n Sharon
Hey, i think its great the more photo's that are around the better, but don't feel like you have to do it, or that you have to rush it. I do appreciate everything.

How embarrassing!! I've gone through all my pics of the various events where Dave was attending and can't find one!! I really thought I would have had some somewhere.

So sorry - I am not much use am I? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Next please!
Dave (Morgasm)>




Thanks to Chris for the pics. Taken from the SE Meet in Dec 06.
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morgasm said:
Hiya funky, no i havent stopped theres always something else to get,thats the trouble going to meets,gives you ideas . Wonder what the cost of the splitters are with just the two of us ,?
How many different Ford shirts did Dave own? :LOL:

I think he was the only one in the club that actively promoted FORD. See his tailgate badge, as an example.

he made me signature when i was a member on here a few years ago......he was a very nice guy. Im sorry to hear he passed