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At Fest I can help with


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Aug 9, 2007
I will be offering the following things at fest..

Electrical fault finding
Audio and visual fitment/tweaks
Lighting.. Interior and exterior
Wiring of any type.
ECU fault code reading and updates
IMRC repair
Alarm/PATS issues

Anything extra electrical wise that you want doing at Fest let me know before hand. If it requires anything extra buying before, I can let you know and then you can bring it with you.

I will not be doing engine tuning of any type at fest im afraid. This is due to the time it takes me and also the fact I need to take cars out on the open road.

I will be bringing all electrical tools from soldering equipment to full OBD setups and my laptop.

It will be first come first served as I will want to get drunk at some point :LOL:

If i do make it i will help with:

IRMC Refits
Dashboard Strip downs
Gearstick changes
Seats & Panel removing
Drinking Robs beer
Eating Di's bacon butties
Getting sloshed....(y)
I'll be there
At fest i could help with............

Getting drunk!! lol :ihih:

Every inch of me wants to be there but the just over 1000 mile round trip and the fact that baby number 2 is due on the 20th july is causing wee bit of concern...........:confused:

But to be fair the present mrs s has done it before!!(y)

No.1 son, Archie, is a right cougar fan......he loves daddys car!!! and only 2 1/2!! :yesnod::yesnod::yesnod:
I will also be happy to help out with most things, Interior, exterior, engine (no rebuilds!):LOL:


If anyone would like a laptop looking at for any reason or computer advise... (y)
This year, I plan on helping with getting wrecked!! i don't mind chipping in on minor stuff, but some of you newbies need to get your hands dirty!! Also, the inflatable dartboard and tennis balls will be making a comeback!! Drunk fest games are fun!! ;)
Anything audio otherwise sod off.

Oh and deafening people will also be part of the services.

If needs be I can bring my toolboxes along and help with some brake and suspension bits and the occasional dashboard strip down :frown2:

Bob I hope I am first on your list as I want to try and get the engine start button into my dash. It does mean carving a hole in the dashboard and cutting supports away :yikes:
Dave you are top of the list then cmewse is getting a remap seeing as he asked so nicely (plus I forgot I said I would do it :LOL: )

you carve i'll wire it up ;)

i would like to offer my services as a mechanic but unfortunatly i wont be in the country then , i will be on holiday in Greece :ihih::ihih::ihih:.
:idea:Carnt you change the dates LOL :LOL::LOL::LOL: