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Cougarfest 08: The Aftermath!


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Sep 25, 2007
Well what a bloody great weekend i had, thanks to everyone who organized it and a big thanx to Mo for the awesome food!!
Oh and Phils Ostrich burgers were good too (y)

Nice to meet everyone, hope you all got back safe. See you all again soon!
Fantastic weekend, only have a slight pink glow to me which is always a bonus :LOL:

Thanks Mo - your curries just keep getting better and better :yesnod: :yesnod:

I have 209 photos to sort through :eek6: will get them on here as soon as I can :LOL:
I can only echo whats been said above, although I was only there for half the day yesterday it was great seeing old friends and meeting new friends too

Many thanks to everyone involved, as always, you did a sterling job (y)

Mr Pollard, I did ask after you yesterday, shame I didnt get to see you, hope youre well (y)
I am very good thank you matey and i hope the same applies for yourself.

Bit of a shame we missed so many people by not being there for the day but we still had a blinder of a night :)
A cracking weekend, Always good to see old friends and familliar faces, excellent turn out by new members as well, big well dones to Linda, driving all the way from Glasgow on her own, and to Jim & Ruby coming all the way from the Isle of wight.
Really good to see Cougarage after 2 years, and a fleeting visit from Mitesh, a man on the move ;)
Big thankyou to the organisers, and to everyone who attended for making a great weekend. :yesnod: (y)
What more can i say, fantastic weekend, weather was kind to us, got rather a few burny bits at the moment (who said we wouldn't want sun cream !)

Great to see you all again and great to see so many new faces, thanks to all who put the event together, Mo for for her delicious curries (y) Phil and Di for the great ostritch burgers and for Phils great after meal banter :LOL::LOL:

Think we had 30 plus cars which was great, nice suprise when Richb, Ria and Maz turned up :D along with Christians Cougar S.

Hope you all got home safely (damn road closures) see you all next time
Echoing the thanks to all for a great time, I also want to say how useful it was getting some ideas from mods that others had done :idea:- more than enough to keep me busy until after next Cougarfest! Special thanks to Alan Pid_16V for many tips on how to do things (y) as he raced round fitting a spoiler and short-shifters all over the place.

First fest done then :smile5: nice weather apart from a bit windy at times ...good to catch up with you all..thanks to sam for letting me work on her car :smile5::smile5:...........
Brilliant day, it was great to meet everyone. Thanks to Phil and Di for looking after me, and everyone for making me feel at home. Here's hoping for a well staffed pub next year so I can stay for the weekend!! I'll be there next year, complete with orange side repeaters:ihih::ihih:

Hi To everyone,

Thanks for making us feel so welcome, it is always so difficult for "Newbies"

Had a great time, has hangover, backache and a burnt bit, so it must of been good!!!

Thanks once again - here's to next year!

thanks to sam for letting me work on her car :smile5::smile5:...........

Oh....Thats what it was you were doin!! :p

Was great to meet everyone, some for the first time & all the usual suspects!
Another great event that i thoroughly enjoyed as much as every past fest.
Big thankyou to both Jason & Matt for organising the whole weekend & forgetting to tell people they hadnt hired in chairs!! (y)

Thanks for the fun folks!!:dita:
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My second CF and it was dry :LOL:, Great to meet everybody again, so many cougars in one place, and new owners/members, I think there's going to be shed loads of photo's on here very soon :yesnod: .Thanks Chris (Warthog) for the compliments matey. Thanks to Dave (Hornet) for the paracetamol prior to leaving (y)
Special thanks again to Manos, and Mo for her brilliant pork and sausage and chicken curry (y)and putting up with me badgering her for more tea :LOL:.
Just everybody made it a cracking weekend. And just so you don't feel too bad for showing me the countryside Phil, I managed to have a good look around that roundabout twice, on my way home :incazzato: :LOL:
It was great to meet up with everybody, there was a great spirit during the whole weekend, it made me realise what a great club this is. Rich your silver cat looked fantastic and so low, that Roush kit definately suits silver.
As most know, we weren't going to come to this years fest, not because we didn't want to attend, just due to previous commitments, however, with some persuasion (or temptation) from Phil Robbo and some texts from Maz and a change in circumstances, we paid at the last minute. We are both very glad we did too, meeting up with friends that we have made from previous events, then meeting some newer members who we'll hopefully see again soon, although I have that buzz from the weekend, our 4th cougarfest seemed to fly by leaving me wanting more.
Thanks to everybody for making it what it was, big thanks to Matt (Cougarfella) for cooking on Saturday night. Also thanks to both him and Jason for putting on the show.
Know what you mean Rich, was really sad to be going home this morning when you look around and see everyone still there.

I was all over the place with the good old Tomtom with that road closed(knew i should have followed the diversion signs) sent me miles up this one road to send me back down the other side of the dual carriageway to the closed road again :mad2:
74 miles there and 95 back home :D
Wicked event as usual, all the usual suspects, and new ones too:wink5:
Had a whale of a time watching jez lose a mouthfull of beer after some thoughts from Bob :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D see there ya go again, just cant stop grinning mate;)
Cheers to the guys for organising it, and to the lovely Mo for feeding all of us:yesnod: