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Cougarfest 16/17th July 2022 Attendance

Hi Guys.

Sorry not been on for a while. Me and Julie are still going but can you just let us know if anything needs to be sorted beforehand like deposits or anything like that. and is it the Friday and Saturday nights that we are there for??

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Cheers Chris.

I've advised the site of likely numbers. Last time I spoke to Steve he was thinking of putting us on the bottom part of the site (behind the big hedge), but I'll let you know if I hear anything concrete on that.
Otherwise just enjoy yourselves!👍
Just emailed them as may have a +2 lol (Friend and her mutt lol) and wasn't sure about the mutt, so will see.

Wendy house parking sorted, so will be in wales all week, then fetching the car from Leicester, wendy house from hinckley then heading over friday, eta roughly 6ish by the time i've done shopping etc then back down to south wales monday lol
I'm hoping to be there early afternoon.
Think it took me a painful 5 1/2 hours last year to do the 210 miles.
I plan on leaving home earlier this year to try and avoid some of the traffic
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Should be early afternoon for us too - any news on if we’re in the Rally field again or if we’re in the other area?
Response from site is positive woop woop.
So will be bringing these two with, and as gorgeous as they both are lol Shelley is the friendly one hahaha Misty on the other hand, can be a bit nippy, especially with people she doesn't know, so as long as Myself or Shelley is nearby, she should be ok, but please be aware, she is very protective of Shelley 😉

Okay, I've got a scheduling problem.

Work needs me up in Crewe for Weds/Thurs on an overnight That means travelling home on Thurs afternoon from Crewe, to then drive back up to Whitcurch the next day.

Booking the hotel for an additional day (so I drive from Crewe to 'Fest) would be unethical, if not fraudulent.

I literally cannot cope with doing (more or less) the same drive twice, and the train is not an option.

Wht the hell do I do? Just go with it? Or do I come up on Saturday and stay one night? what would you do in my situation please?
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