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Fest 2021 Attendance thread


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Feb 1, 2014
Hi all
Have just spoken to Bramblewood and we're all go for Fest on the dates as shown here
All their facilities will be open for our use as normal. There are apparently no other big groups booked in, so we should have plenty of space.

I know some of you have said you're going, but if you could confirm in this thread I'd be grateful, including if you're a possible or will just be coming for a day or evening.
Costs are £15/night per pitch, or £17/night if you want electric hook-up. This is payable directly to the campsite on departure. I hope to see as many of you as possible!

Attendees ;

backseateducation (2 nights w/electric)
mjp100drums (2 nights w/electric)
mako (2 nights)
Everton (possible 2 nights w/electric)
D1CKL (2 nights)
TopCat1127 (2-3 nights w/electric)

Visitors ;

dandamano (evening / possible 1 night)
Pid_16v (hopefully both days)
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Aug 12, 2011
No idea what is happening with work yet and I probably won't know until the week before which is a bit of a pain

I should be good to make an appearance for at least one of the evenings though at the least , if Im not working then I'll stay one of the nights but it's going to be late notice if that's possible ? If not it'll just be a visit
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