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Fest payments please (No later than 31 May 2010)


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Sep 10, 2004
Ok guys n girls time for payments to be made please.

Payments to subs@ukcougar.com for the amount of £30 PER CAR and driver passengers are £4 EACH for the friday - sunday whichever of these you are attending the price is the same for one day or the three to make sure the costs are covered. Any requests for late payments must be cleared through Admin.

The remaining payment which is DIRECTLY to GRENDON LAKES is £10 per night per tent and has to be booked in advance I will be confirming this on friday directly with Lucy as have only managed to speak to Luke at the moment but he does not see a problem with this.

Payments are NON refundable and I would like them sooner rather than later so I can book the marque/fridge/bbq to ensure we do not get stuck trying to find someone to supply them we will be using the same companys as last year.

IF we get enough cars (42+) then we will also obviously increase the marquee size accordingly altho last years was just about fine for the numbers we had.

Lets get moving guys I will update here as payments are made and try to cross check it with the attendance list.

MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!! I need with the payment your user name and amount of people coming if you wish you may post in here to confirm payment has been sent and I can keep it updated here also.

If anyone is coming with two cars (Rich/Manos?) please pm me and we can work something out for you.


Attendee & Paid list

1) Jason + 3
2) Adrian + 1
3) Pid_16V +1 - Paid
4) Warthog + 1 - Paid
5) Ace Melon - Paid
6) MoFo + 1 - Paid
8) Dyg3474 - Paid
9) Cougarfella (+1 poss)
10) The Bridge - Paid
11) Bobster +1
12) Cougar571 + George (Regardless of date) Paid
13) Malu - Paid
14) Catedwards + 1 1/2
15) Richb -
16) Riab - Paid
17) Kully & the Pervy Nun
18) TopCat1127
19) Ginja Paid
20) Dar1976 - Paid
21) Lottysvdub + 2 ( need to confirm date ) :yesnod:
22) Draper +1
23) C9OUR +1 (only Saturday night)
24) Cat_Nat (unsure of +1 at the moment)
25) FlamencoAssassin + The Curry Goat Chef Paid
26) WildV6 - Paid
27) Wogans_Wig + 1 - Paid
28) Merlin
29) Anthony + 1 mrs grishmann
30) Everton2004 + 1 - Paid
31) Hornet + 1 - Paid
32) Pie-in-ear + Gemma - Paid
33) D1CKL - Paid
34) S.D.M - Paid
35) Froggy + 1 -
36) Jovis79+1 - Paid
37) Lewy
38) Cougar_577 +1 Paid

Paid = 23 / 37
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Jason, can you just confirm i'm reading this right, that if i can only make one day, i will still cost me £30 ?.

At the moment yes as there are 37 cars showing interest in attending this will almost certainly drop down to the 30 we need as a minimum to cover the cost of the marquee/bbq/fridge/electricity I can see at least four who are on the list that I am sure will not be able to attend for various reasons.

Also remember you will not have to pay grendon lakes anything for attending.

I am happy to pay the £30.00 per car plus £20.00 for one tent, will pay next week. We have been to every cougarfest and aren't going to miss this one, it's quite an exclusive club and there aren't many members who can say that they have made all 5 to date.

Last year was superb, we really enjoyed it, except for my nuisance drunk bit on the friday night.:):):)
I'll sort payment out at the weekend JJ. Hmmmm....tent....need to buy one of those..otherwise will be sleeping in my car....???...Didn't Matt do that one year? lol
We are now officially 'going to cougarfest' have just paid £60.00 Jason:):):)

It's very exciting(y)(y)(y)
right ive taken the plunge and booked up for cougarfest! C'mon pepes, lets get the numbers up,
JJ, ive paid for me plus 1, sorry forgot to put in the payment message it was me + 1.
Right apologies for the vague post earlier.

Camping is as follows

2, 3 & 4 man tents
£12.00 per pitch per night
£10.00 if booked & pre-paid
5, 6 & 7 man tents
£17.00 per pitch per night
£15.00 if booked & pre-paid
8 man & over
£22.00 per pitch per night
£20.00 if booked & pre-paid

You MUST pre book no turning up on the day and paying if you are staying over night.

You MUST mention Ford Cougar Owners Club when you book to ensure the space is allocated to us correctly.

Sooner the better as obviously they will be allocating us space for the amount of people booking pitches plus a little extra the field we used last year is now a car park so we will be in a new location that hopefully we can get into a bit better (well I think it was only me who had to carry the car in!).

The number for Grendon Lakes is 01933 665 303

Lucy is my contact at the location however I think you can deal with anyone to make the booking and pay once again you MUST mention FCOC when booking.

We are extremely welcome this year as we had not one single problem or compaint last year so please make sure this continues this year.