Pictoral 'how to' full length vinyl decal install


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Jun 3, 2009
Sunny Scunny
I wish I could claim to have sussed this for myself.
But, been down to see Sir Alan of Mansfield Woodhouse.
I got these vinyl decals for the side' of cat2 and the results are brilliant and really set the car apart in IMHO.

Thankyou Alan for both the decals and the install.

My contribution is an attempt at a 'how to'

1) Clean the area you will be installing these decals thoroughly


2) Do one side at a time. Spray the area now some mildly soapy water then peel off the back of the decal and test fit. Be careful not to wet the decal too much with the backing paper on as it can stick and be a real pig to get off the vinyl

3) Offer the decal up into the position you require and add some moisture.


4) Squeegy out all the excess water


5) With the aid of some heat (heat gun/hair dryer), carefully and slowly start to take off the paper.


6) start to work out the creases/water/air


7) Gradually peel back the remaining paper and then work your way along the length, getting rid of air/water etc which is trapped. Remember to cut the decal to allow you to open the door. If you need to re home the decal, add some heat and reapply. Then smooth it out.


8) Tuck excess ends of decal under wheel arch and around door frame etc. Again add heat the make sure its adhesive works in your favour and it remains in situe.....eh voila


9) repeat on other side, remember your spacings as your decal does come with a little excess vinyl.



Looks nice Si one word of caution normally they do not wrap around the jambs and arches etc as it gets covered in **** and lifts sooner or later the usual practice is to cut a fraction short of the end of each panel as in 1mm to ensure a good fixing and adhesion (~ I used to do some work for a sign writer at weekends lol).

Looks very nice really accentuates the "new edge" creasing around the lower half of the car.

Looks mint Si, is there nothing Sir Alan of Mansfield Woodhouse can't do? I bet you weren't allowed near his kitchen again.:LOL::LOL::LOL::prrr:
Looks great that Si - and a really helpful 'How To' (y)

Can't wait to get my gold ones on the green machine :ihih:

Saw the making process today at pid manor. Iain, seen your colour....will look brilliant on your car.

Please, anyone doing this dont think it will a quick job. Set yourself aside at least 2 hours to do it properly and dont be tempted to try and get these on during a spare half hour!!!
its wierd nick. I was going to go for black, but Al had this colour and i actually made a quick decision and went for this as its a little more subtle.

Very happy.
Yeah you certainly made the right choice mate. I think black may of looked to harsh and stood out like a sore thumb tbh. That colour's quite subtle.
Agreed, just the right colour, just one fault I can see in the pic though. The Cat needs lowering.:ihih::ihih:

Time for my coat............................:yesnod: