To Cougar or not to Cougar, that is the question..?


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May 22, 2009
Devon & Thailand
Well peeps it's been a little while since i was on here, As you know i sold my baby Cougar before i left for Thailand and it's time to return home next week.
I have been thinking things through a lot and was a little disapointed with the cougar after i did quite a lot of work and to be honest it made very little difference to the performance of the car and was not cheap.. :cry:
I have been recently thinking bad thoughts and even contemplated a FTO... i know, i know don't swear on here.. :LOL:
Anyway in my sleep last night i was slapped by what i can only describe as the hand of reason. (it told me to search for an other Cougar)
So when i return next week i am going to buckle down and work for a short time until i can afford to buy another Cougar ( Skint not after this 5 month holiday) and return to my rightful home as a Cougar owner.
Bang for bucks you will struggle to find a car that's as loaded and nice as the Coug and i miss mine..
But i think this time i won't be going the ST200 route and leaving it pretty much standard apart from some cosmetic changes alloys, spoiler, clear side indicators etc.. unless i find one with it already done to a high enough standard..
Anyway.. that's my waffle over with and i just want to say i have missed you all on here.. you may see more of me yet...

Cheers Paul, all is well with the family now... I am pretty much set on a Cougar now but tha could change if something else at the right price and close to me comes up, but it's got to be a sporty stunning car and cheap..
I only ever drive Auto's (i know don't say a word) but after 15 years of M25 driving a manual you would aswell.. and i am lazy..
Before anyone offers me their car i would like to say, it may take a little while to save some pennies now as i have spent everything i own over here in the past 5 months.. So may be when i have the cash and you have an Auto V6 Xpack cougar for sale then we can talk may be..? Cheers Relliott6879 nudge nudge wink wink.. ;-)
Hi Add, glad to see you back on the forum mate. As Paul said i hope all is well with the family and i'm sure you'll find a nice Cat when you return (y)

Just make it a Green one eh ? :LOL: :angel:
Cheers chap, Actually i was thinking may be Frosty this time... or Black.. but if a Blurple or green comes up cheap enough then i will get that.. :)
guess what i have add? A black v6 auto vx that ive been putting lots of new parts on and when finished will be up for grabs lol
Cheers Quicksilver.. and Paul, it's a bloody long way from Torquay to yours to buy a Cougar Just out of interest how much is it?
after the parts and work that has been going into it will be looking about £1200 and yes it its a bit far to go lol
Ade - great to hear from you again mate - welcome back - just remember that if you get an FTO you will have no friends :whistle:
Welcome back Add been missing my old raving mucka!. Hope everything is well and good to see you back in the fold. You buy an FTO you'll be getting a visit!:stop::bomb::LOL::)
I only said i thought about it.. The FTO was offered at a great price from a family member, i have not taken it though, a little too girly for me.. even though it already has the 200 bhp and would save me a lot of money on the Cougar again.. (i still don't think i ever made the 200 bhp on my old Coug even though i did all the work and ST200 conversion stuff to it)
But it's all part of loving the Coug i guess.?
Anyway thanks for the welcome's Backs peeps and i am looking forward to the hunt for my next Coug once i have saved enough pennies.. ( God know's how long that will take?)