My new install thread


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Sep 10, 2004
thought I would start of my install thread with a little teaser of the wiring going into the car and then I can keep this thread updated as I go.

Ever wodered what £500 worth of wiring looks like???? below is the 4 awg for amps earth and power, RCA's, and the Y splitters also the sub speaker cable, still to buy is terminals for the wires (power/earth/subwoofers) and some extra 0 awg for linking the batterys.


More photo's to follow at the weekend.

I think just in RCA cables there is around 132ft then 75 ft of power and earth, guessing total wiring will be around 6-700ft gives me nightmares thinking about it.:prrr::frown2:

That's alot of cables!:yikes: I get flummoxed with starter motors half the time :LOL:

Where u gonna put it all?:confused:
And I thought the cables in my car were complex ;) people forget how much cable you actually need, I've got about 15m of RCA cable coming out of my Stereo to the amps, about 5m of 4guage from the battery and god knows how much speaker cable (wiring for 8 speakers and a dual-voice coil sub) so yeah knowing your "slightly" loud set up you must have enough to re-wire a house ;)
Well been going all day today and just not seeming like I got anywhere at the moment had a new alarm fitted which took most of the day as it has a fair few toys to play with total closure, remote start amongst others lol got the last few bits out of the car and yes I am using this every day:shake::shake::shake:

All of the wiring is being replaced with the exception of the main loom for the car none of the old stuff will be utilised at allas I want no bits of this and that so will all be cut to length individually to keep it as neat as possibly so this is why the interior now looks like this...................





Did manage to get my HIDS fitted tho big difference will post pics in a seperate thread.

I just have a huge bag of bolts/screws/torx/clips etc but dash will be all sound deadened on the back of it before it is all installed back in.

Oh my good God! If I saw my car like that I think I'd cry then have recurring nightmares for the next year. You are either supremely talented, extremely brave or both. What alarm did you get by the way? I asked a place in Derby about getting a Clifford with total closure and remote start on my last Cat, they said it couldn't be done because of the type of immobiliser that Ford fit.
One off of ebay it can be done its just a pita because of needing to bypass the pats while still keeping it active lol, I do know what I am doing!!!.

If you are interested in a clifford alarm I do have a contact for them and can get a certificate for it too.