Shagmonkey made me cry!!!

Ace Melon

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Aug 10, 2009
Market Rasen, Lincs
After a pleasant blat down the A46 and M1 from Market Rasen to Hemel Hempstead Me and Merlin (My lift home) met up with John jmc123 to collect some bits for Paul (Shagmonkey).
A very pleasant breakfast was had and as usual when Cougar owners with stuff get together some deals were instigated!! Then off we toddled for the second leg
Outside the Cafe. Mines in the middle :)

Eventually we pitched up at Pauls. He seemed a decent chap. Offered beer. decent conversation then ...... Look what he did to my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And inside!!!!


A scene of devastation.


Watch this space...No not that one....This one \|/
What is it with Paul and empty cougars! Remind me never to go within 50 miles of Paul's house :LOL:
I'm sure the end result will be worth it Al. awaiting piccies with baited breath.
no carrots or immigrants. paul is about 5'10"-6'. its shocking the noise the plastics make when you pull them out!!
and I'm off to bed. its been a long day :)
What are you having done to your cat? Something pretty extensive considering the desolation in the pictures! :LOL:
Well what can I say...I just can't help myself :LOL:

BTW, the ladders were out because I was helping my neighbour put up some facia cladding.

Not much done so far as I spent the day (7.30 -6.00) at Goodwood Festival of speed. If I get a chance I will stick up some piccies I took (in another thread) and some video clips.

Was up at 8am this morning fitting his new dials however. See below. Just need to put the needles on etc


Notice the flash has highlighted some scratches? Well I spotted them too so will be polishing them out also. OCD me??? naaaaaaaa





Plan for the rest of today is to sort out the headlights and fog lights. One of his headlights is soooooooooo (insert expletive here) that I am looking forward to seeing what i can do with it!

Then onto preparing the plastics for painting...

Right. No more time for idle chit chat......
They are the stainless ones I sell bud.

Ok.....I tackled the (insert expletive) headlight and by God what a nightmare !! I have had to go down to 240 grit !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Anyhow. It has taken me 2 hours of wet sanding to get a good enough finish with the 240 to start working my way up. Talk about deep stone chips!!! Jeez!
However my hand and fingers were killing me so I decided to give them a rest and move onto something else for a while.

Piccies will follow this evening at some point... (y)